Many home owners in Durban know how frustrating it is to have to take on a painting project, especially with life being so busy, and most professional painters in Durban are so expensive, so home owners in Durban rather neglect their house painting needs until it becomes a real problem for them.Contact us on 031 012 5044
Other home owners will pay more attention to their homes and keep up to date with their maintenance which includes painting their walls inside and out every five years.

Home owners do not realise that a professional painting contractor in Durban will charge more if it is visibly evident that the home owner has left their house painting project for a longer period of time than is necessary, this is not because there is more work involved if you neglect your property, but simply because the painter feels that you need to be penalized for your neglect.


A lot of home owners think it is cheaper to do their painting themselves instead of hiring a residential contractor, but there are a few problems that could crop up during your painting project which will need the experience of a qualified painter.

It is not advisable to start a painting job without knowing that there are no problems with the walls or the foundation, because if you happen to be busy with your project and then come across a problem where you need to hire a professional painter the painting companies in Durban are inclined to add additional charges to their regular charges.

With the services we offer as DBN Builders you can contact us for your commercial painting contractor in Durban requirements or any other painting job that you need done as our specialist contractors are qualified and experienced to handle any painting project.

Just a Few House Painting Tips and Tricks

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Painting Contractors in Durban and the Benefits: DBN Builders provides a variety of painting services which makes us one of the best companies with a team of professional painters who are able to handle any of your painting projects, regardless of whether you need residential or commercial painting done, we are able to assist you.

Quality of Work – When you hire a company like DBN Builders you are guaranteed to have a qualified painting contractor in Durban attending to your painting needs, this way you are certain that your painting job is done properly, no short cuts are taken which will reduce the lifespan of your paint project and if there are any problems with the wall or any damp damage the painter is able to see them and point them out to you.

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Suitable Choices – There are many different types of paint available, some are more suitable to be used in the house while others are specifically manufactured to handle the elements on your exterior walls, these choices also play a large role in the longevity of your paint job which could mean that you will have to repeat your painting project a lot sooner than you want to because you used the wrong type of paint on the wrong walls, with a professional painting contractor you will not run this risk as they have all the experience and knowledge on which paint is to be used where to make the painting job last for a minimum of five years. If you’re looking for a painting contractors in Cape Town, see our friends at CPT Painters


Mess & Fuss – Home owners who are enthusiastic about their homes might feel that doing their own painting will mean that they can have some fun with their family and attend to their home maintenance tasks, but what they forget is that professional Durban painters have the experience and qualifications to make as little mess as possible and that if they do not hire the services of a painting company like DBN Builders they will not only have to paint the walls but clean up the mess afterwards!

Paint Technique – Most walls are just painted different colours, each room telling its own story about the person that spends the most time in the room or a neutral look for rooms which are meant to be entertaining or where everyone gathers including friends and family, but with the advances in technology and the different painting techniques that are available you can make a room tell a brand new story or attract the attention of your friends and family to a specific wall of the room. A specialist painting contractor will be able to advise you on the different techniques and apply the techniques you want in your home.


Tips for Hiring a Painting Company: The natural process of making choices when it comes to hiring contractors is to hire the company that gives you the cheapest painting quote, but this is not always the best way to ensure that your painting job is done to your satisfaction.

DBN Builders is able to provide you with a range of services that are completed by a team of professional painters in Durban but we also take the time to become involved in your painting project to ensure that all your needs are met efficiently and that you have as little disruption to your daily routine as possible.

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