People that live in Durban often wonder whether or not they should change their carpeting in their homes and replace it with tiling, mostly because tiled floors are a sought after feature in modern homes, but also because the carpets are a lot more expensive and time consuming to maintain than tiles. Contact us on 031 012 5044


As a home owner you want to be able to reduce the costs of your property maintenance as much as possible. Most home owners in Durban have started tiling the walls of their kitchens and bathrooms because it is easier to maintain the tiling than the older combination of half tiled and half paint in the bathrooms and kitchens.

Once you have chosen to start with a tiling job you will need to find a specialist tiling contractor in Durban that has a good reputation in the Durban area and the right qualifications to handle your specific requirements.

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Choosing a Professional Tiling Contractor: A lot of people who need the services of a tiler will just do a quick search of the internet or their local newspaper for a list of tiling companies in Durban that are available in their area and then phone a few of them and then simply hire the tiling contractor company in Durban that gives you the cheapest quote on your prospective tiling job.

Although this might be a quick and easy way to find a specialist contractor, it is advisable to prepare yourself before you start so that you ask the right questions and have the right answers and can then gather the information to make an informed decision.

Tips On How To Tile a Shower Wall

Available Tiles – You need to know if the contractor has a wide range of tiling available for you to view samples of, even though tiles might seem very similar it is a long term investment so you need to take your time and look at as many tiles as possible before making your final decisions.

Qualifications – There are a lot of professionals who claim to have extensive qualifications and experience with a range of tiling projects, but can they prove that their qualifications are legitimate? It is important that you check the qualifications and registrations of the professional tilers in Durban before you hire them.

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Referrals – Make sure that you ask the tiling contractor for a few referrals and that you actually follow up with the people to find out if they were satisfied with the way that the contractor handled their tiling project.

If you get three referrals and all three mention issues with the contractor then you can safely reason that the contractor is not suitable for your project.


Benefits of Tiling: There are a few benefits to tiling your home which is why home owners in Durban are slowly changing their carpets to tiling. Some of the benefits include that it makes your home look neater at all times, it’s easier to clean tiles than it is to clean carpets, and maintenance on tiling is cheaper than carpeting.

With the help of experienced tiling contractors in Durban you can have your project completed as quickly and easily as possible so that you can start reaping the benefits of your tiling job. Once you have chosen a tiling company in Durban that has a team of contractors that are qualified and experienced to handle your tiling project you should be assigned a specific contractor that will be responsible for your specific tiling job and you can ask him any other questions that you might have.

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