We all sooner or later experience burst pipes or burst geysers. And, it mostly happens at the worst possible time. But unfortunately, most people try to go it themselves and so make the problem worse. Per se, it’s vital that when your water pipe burst, immediately get in touch with an expert plumber to quickly fix it. Contact us on 031 012 5044

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As such, we are a professional and experienced team that offers high-quality services for burst pipes in Durban. Generally, our trained and diligent crew is available at any time to repair your burst water pipes at pocket-friendly prices. So, ensure you hire our top services and get your leaking pipes fixed before you get a more severe problem of burst water mains today.

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Leading Causes of Burst Geysers / Water Pipes in Durban

1. Clogging

Basically, debris collect in pipes causing clogging which is a serious but mostly neglected problem. Typically, when drains and toilets clog, they put pressure on pipes. If left unattended, the pressure may then build up and burst the pipes or cause water pipe burst in the house.

2. Roots of Trees

Surprised? Don’t be. You see roots naturally grow towards the direction of leaking water. So, a loose connection that causes the slightest leak could attract roots which then wrap around the pipes and thus cause water pipe burst under the house or burst water pipe outside the house.

3. Worn Out Pipes

Similarly, if you rarely allow plumbing maintenance to be regularly done on your home, this may result in main water pipe burst due to beat tubes. The damage can be very extensive especially if the pipe burst in walls. So, hire a qualified plumber regularly to check for any leakages or fix burst pipes.

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4. Collapsing of Pipes

Equally, changes/shifts in the environment may cause burst pipe damage. For instance, if there’s construction near your home, the soil may move around the pipes increasing the weight on them and thus cause them to collapse.

5. Corrosion

Also, old pipes especially those made of steel may simply cause water mains burst due to corrosion. In such cases, replacement of the outdated pipes could be the best option for repairing the burst pipe. So, avoid a burst pipe flooded house today by replacing the older versions of pipes.

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Why You Ought To Choose Us For All Your Burst Pipe Problems

6. Experience

Well, we boast of an extended stay in this competitive industry offering burst pipe repairs. As such, we combine our past failures with our vast knowledge and offer you unrivaled burst water pipe repairs. Generally, any problem you may have with burst water pipes in your house, we have at one point encountered.

So, if you are experiencing pipe burst in basement, we are the right crew to call. Besides, our long stay in the industry has enabled us to have various tricks of fixing your water burst fast.

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7. Expertise

Similarly, our crew is made up of well-trained personnel who will ensure that your pipe burst repairs are perfectly done. Besides, we ensure that we send our team for various seminars to boost their skills.

Which therefore means that they’re updated on any new technological skills of repairing burst pipes that may be out there in the market today. So, if you experience any form of a house flooded burst pipe, we are the company to call.

8. Affordable Prices

Besides, we offer pipe burst repairs at a shallow dig into your pocket. Therefore, choosing our plumbing pipe repairs means you will averagely spend less to improve all the damages your burst pipes may have done. Also, our cost cutting techniques allow us to offer you lower burst pipe repair costs that you’ll find very reasonable.

9. Vast Assemblage

Also, our extensive collection of high-quality tools allows our team to fix all forms of burst geysers and pipes. Even if you have a burst pipe in walls, we shall repair it ultimately thanks to our up to date tools.

10. Final Thought

Well, don’t let burst pipes spoil your day in Durban. Hire our specialist plumber and let them work on all your pipe burst problems. So, call our Burst Pipes Durban helpline today, and we’ll locate and fix all your water burst problems fast!