As we can all attest, hot water is an absolute necessity for every home, especially during the cold season. As such, a functioning geyser may just be what you and your family need.

But, getting a solar geyser installation in Durban should be carried out properly. If your hot water geyser installation is done poorly, it may cause unnecessary plumbing issues or even worse health hazards. Contact us on 031 012 5044

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With this in mind, we are an experienced and qualified company that deals in Durban gas geyser installation. Our dexterous team of plumbers works diligently and under minimum supervision to provide top electric geyser installation Durban at affordable prices. Besides, we also specialize in all forms of geyser repairs such as burst geysers, leaking geysers, and geyser overflow leaking.

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Vital Facts to Keep In Mind before any Geyser Installation

Well, now that you have an idea of some of our geyser services, below are a few top points that you should have in mind during your hot water geyser installation;

Steady Wall Structure

Essentially, a firm wall structure will guarantee the safety of your family when installing a geyser. Generally, a frame is fixed on the wall, and finally, the geyser is installed / attached to it ultimately. Remember, when estimating the weight of the geyser unit, consider it when full of water.

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If done on a weak wall, the geyser can easily break it down and cause additional damages or even injury. Fortunately for you, an expert can make all this a walk in the park. Contact us today for any form of geyser installation.

Electrical Connections

Besides, it’s crucial to make sure that your electrical connections are safe. An overloaded fuse can easily cause problems with your geyser thermostat. Per se, have an expert check your connections to estimate if they’re okay.

Enough Space

Typically, the area that you want your installation of the geyser to be done should be sufficient. It’s vital first to consider the size of geyser you want to be installed to determine if your space is adequate. After all, enough space will make your cleaning and repair around your kitchen geyser manageable. And, you can have your horizontal geyser installation done simply.

Height from the Ground

Similarly, all geyser units have to be correctly set up from the ground. As such, you have to ensure that the height from the floor is at least not below 1.8 meters. Once you have made sure that you have enough space, you can now have your vertical geyser installation done quickly and without a fuss.

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Top Reasons Why You Should Use Our Geyser Installation / Repair Service

Pocket-Friendly Prices

Basically, we offer geyser element replacement cost at generally lower prices that you’ll find very considerable. Our cost cutting techniques allow us to improve our price plans thus provide you, our dear customer, with pocket-friendly geyser installation prices.

Similarly, we offer mini geyser installation services at incredibly reasonable geyser installation charges. Check out our water geyser prices and call us for any installation today.

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Besides, our core purpose is to leave you satisfied after offering you top geyser plumbing services, installation of high-quality geyser blanket, solving all your solar geyser problems, provide quality geyser replacement, and leave you with the best water geyser in town. So, choose us today and enjoy unparalleled services.

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Also, we boast of a prolonged stay in the geyser installation industry. As such, we have first class experience on handling kwikot solar geyser installation services. Besides, our team of building experts has the ability to give you first class installation of bathroom geysers. Which, in turn, means you get to enjoy a nice hot bath during all those cold days.


Choosing us means choosing the best. This is because our crew is made up of skilled personnel who can quickly replace geyser elements or handle any form of geyser installation. And, thanks to our high qualifications coupled with the extended stay in the industry, any problem that you may encounter with your geyser, we have handled before. As such we get to offer you top geyser fixing services today.

Wrap Up

Well, if you are thinking of installing a new geyser today, consider hiring qualified and experienced Durban plumbers for the job. As such, call our geysers Durban hotline, and we’ll be at your doorstep fast. Hire us today, and you won’t regret!