As a home owner in Durban there will always be the plan of starting a variety of home improvements on your property, whether it is because you want to increase the value of your property or because the needs of your family have changed there are only a few things that make most home owners delay their home alterations, one of which is the costs that are involved and the other is the disruption to your daily routine. Contact us on 031 012 5044


A lot of home owners in Durban have a variety of home improvement ideas, some people will tackle separate projects at different times while others will have all of their home renovations in Durban done all at once so that their lives are only disrupted once.

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Although there are lots of home renovators in Durban in your specific area it is important that the contractor you choose to hire is capable of handling your home remodeling in Durban and that they can give you expert advice on all your home renovation ideas so that you will be completely satisfied with the home improvements once the project is completed.


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How to Select the Right Company

Prepare your requirements – Make a detailed list of all the house renovations you want to have done including all the house renovation ideas and what you have seen that you like. This list must be as detailed as possible so include any pictures, colours, features and other ideas that you have seen.

Think of the room that you are renovating and the purpose of the room, if you need cabinets and other fixtures make sure you list your ideas and preferences for the handles.

Think of the layout of the room and where you want everything to be as well. Do not worry if you have multiple ideas for specific features or areas of a specific room, this is where the advice of your chosen building contractor in Durban will be important to make the final decisions with you. Once you have completed your detailed list you can start sourcing home renovator companies in Durban to provide you with a quotation on your requirements.

Five Crucial Home Renovation & Remodeling Tips

Sourcing Contractors – Most home owners will go with a building contractor that has been recommended to them by family or friends, but there are home owners who prefer to use a professional who is able to handle the specific building renovations that they want done.

You not going to be hiring the first company you find unless you are completely certain that they are the best company to manage your home improvements. Make a list of all the possible contractors in your area who you feel might be suitable for your Durban home remodeling project.

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Service Measures – Once you have a list of companies that you think will be suitable to handle your home improvements you need to phone them for some details and to check what level of telephone service they provide. While you on the phone you need to ask how many projects they work on at once and for references.

Make sure that the references are not for projects that were completed more than twelve months prior to your phone call. Any of the companies on the list that do not provide a high level of professionalism over the phone should be removed from your list immediately, also remove the company if the person on the other side of the phone is not able to provide you with the information you are requesting.


Short List – After your telephone marathon you should only be left with half or less than half of the companies from your original list, these are the potential contractors who are important for the next few steps.

First you need to phone the references provided and find out if their past clients are truly happy with their level of professionalism, the work that was done and ask about any problems during or after the project was completed. Work on a ratio basis, if you were given three references and two out of three are good, then assume that number three was a bad day, but if two out of three were bad then remove the company from your short list.

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First Appointment – Now that you only have two or three companies you need to phone these companies and make an appointment for the professional home renovator to come to your property to evaluate your requirements and provide you with a quotation.

During this appointment you need to make a note if the building contractor professional is late for the appointment, the level of professionalism, their ability to answer any of your questions and how friendly they are.


Final Choices – After you have met with the construction companies and received all the quotations it would be easiest to hire the services of the cheapest company, but you need to go back to your notes and look for the company that is affordable and who portrayed an acceptable level of professionalism and friendliness.

Once you have found the building contractor that you are happiest with you will need to phone them again to set up another appointment where you will finalize the hiring procedure and allow them to start with your home alterations project.

Hiring the contractor – During this appointment you need to finalize with the building contractor exactly what your requirements are. Make sure that a contract is drawn up and that the contract includes EVERYTHING about your alterations including the colour tiles and paint, the handles and door knobs, and all the other finishing touches for each room. If there are any additional services that the contractor as discussed with you, make sure it is also part of the contract.

The team of professionals at DBN Builders know how difficult it can be to allow a team of professionals onto your property for a length of time, even though they are there to do a specific job, it is a disruption to your regular daily life and a stressful time as there are a lot of things that could go wrong during your home alterations project, therefore we strive to make this period as easy as possible for all our clients.