Unless your home is brand new or you have recently had your kitchen upgraded you probably do not feel like your kitchen is the heart of your home, but as a home owner in Durban you make the best of what you have, gathering together all your facts and renovation ideas until that one day where you can have your kitchen renovated. Contact us on 031 012 5044


A lot of home owners need to upgrade their kitchen, but they feel that their current kitchen is not large enough for their idea of the perfect designer kitchen. Regardless of the size, you can have a beautiful kitchen that is perfect for you and your family where you can cook meals, have fun and share memorable moments.

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When you are ready to start working on a modern kitchen design project you need to make sure that you have a few things in place before you start looking for someone to handle your renovations project.


The first thing you need to consider is your layout, where do you want your kitchen cupboards, the stove, the fridge and other large appliances can easily be allocated specific areas which will make it more practical and look fabulous.

DBN Builders are able to help you with your small Durban kitchen renovations project, we also have a wide variety of kitchen plans and ideas, and we can advise you on the most practical and cost effective way to go about getting the designer kitchen you want without having to break into a bank! Our qualified renovators in durban are experienced with all sizes of kitchens in the Durban area.

Renovating Your Kitchen?  Check Out These Tips First

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How to get that designer kitchen: Here are some of the decisions that you are going to need to make during your renovations project, but making these decisions before you contact the team of professional kitchen renovators that you have hired to make the changes will ensure that the price you are quoted is the right price.

Any changes to the project during the renovations will make the final cost of the kitchen renovations in Durban more expensive than you originally anticipated. To get ideas on what you like and what you want you will need to take a look at lots of designs and make notes for yourself.

Plan your Kitchen – Have a good idea of the layout of the kitchen that you want, where do you want everything to be, where do you want cupboards, do you need a space for the microwave, do you need a space for a washing machine, do you want a kitchen island, do you need a breakfast nook.

Also remember that your kitchen unit is limited to the space you have available, so if you have a smaller kitchen you need to use the available space and make it as practical as possible.


Choose your Cabinets – A lot of home owners in Durban want a lot of cupboard space, and most modern kitchens have lots of cupboard space. Lots of cupboards allows you to pack everything away which makes the it look tidy and helps with the longevity of your appliances. Make sure you have a good idea on what kitchen cabinets you want and where you want them.

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Saving Space – If you have a small kitchen, don’t worry there are plenty of modern designs that are perfect for you! Although you will need to invest in appliances and other gadgets that allow you to use space where you haven’t been able to use space before, there are ways to make the small kitchens into a warm haven as well! The building contractors at DBN Builders are able to provide you with a professional building service and expert advice on how you can save space in your kitchen.

Bring your kitchen to life – Although the layout and the decisions that you have made so far are important for your practical yet modern kitchen, the kitchen design is brought to life and your kitchen is turned into a happy place to be with the finishing touches to your project for kitchen remodeling in durban. These are the handles, knobs, counter tops, visible appliances, and the colour scheme of your kitchen. Make sure that you know what you want and discuss it with other people who are expected to spend a large quantity of time in the kitchen so that it can be the place where everyone in the family wants to spend time.

Compromise with your family but make sure that the renovators know exactly what you are prepared to settle for and make sure that you choose all the finishing touches yourself so that you will not be disappointed with the renovations once they are complete.


Remodelling vs. RenovatingMany home owners in Durban want to renovate their kitchen, but when they start with the layout they realise that their idea is not going to work because of the plumbing and electrical layout of their current kitchen.

When you’re remodelling you are changing the layout completely to suite your specific needs, this is where a team of specialist kitchen renovators is important because they will be able to advise you on the most affordable way to achieve the plan you want.

Many of the homes in Durban have small kitchen areas, therefore it is important that you look at small design ideas before you choose to renovate, if this is not suitable for you and your family then you should speak to your chosen kitchen renovators or Durban building company and find out how much a remodelling project is going to cost.

Budget Breakers:The cost of renovations varies greatly depending on the size of the kitchen and the finishing touches that you choose. While you are planning your kitchen renovations in Durbanit is important to be flexible with your choices if you are restricted by a budget. Home owners in Durban can still have the modern and updated kitchen without having to have the solid granite counter top or the solid gold door handles, if you choose a countertop that is the granite look and have gold plated door handles your kitchen will still look beautiful!

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Our team of kitchen renovators in Durban use materials which are manufactured to the highest levels possible without having to increase the cost of your kitchen renovations drastically. We are also able to help you find the right finishing touches that are not as expensive as their original counterparts but still last as long as the originals.

When you make the choice to remodel your kitchen it is a big project to begin, but with the right professional contractors and the ability to listen to sound advice you will have the modern kitchen you want as quickly as possible.